Check Out the Free Online Casino

A great new addition that it seems just about every online casino has added to their operations is the free online casino.  With internet gambling continuing to grow rapidly around the world, casinos needed to find a way to help players approaching gambling for the first time feel comfortable about joining online.  After all, there are plenty of people around the world whose countries don’t allow gambling so they’ve never had a way to try.

Free online casinos are the perfect answer to this.  Online casinos offer all their casino games for free which allows players to try out new games risk free.  It allows people to comfortably become familiar with gambling rather than have them lose a bunch of money on games they don’t understand and then walk away with their business lost forever.

Of course, online casinos aren’t stupid; they know that the players at free online casinos will eventually want to add money to the mix and will then come over to the real money tables.  It’s a win-win situation for players and casinos.

Of course, free online casinos aren’t just for new players.  Plenty of seasoned players use them as well to try out new casino games or practice new strategies for their money makers.  Free online casinos offer a great platform for new players to learn and seasoned players to improve.  In the end, the free casinos are all about getting better and preparing to make some nice money.  Even if you haven’t noticed it, your casino probably offers free casino games.  So check it out!

One place to get started is Lucky Nugget. This site has made sure that you can play their online casino games for free, whether you want to play in browser or download the free deluxe casino software.

This self-proclaimed “best online casino in Australia” prove their worth not only by offering the best bonuses, promotions and jackpots but also by offering up their impressive games collection for every player. Everyone is catered to at Lucky Nugget, both those who need to play in browser AND the lucky players whose computers can support the casino software enough for download. Don’t be put off by the rumours – there are at LEAST 200 casino games available in the flash casino, too, making this casino the perfect destination for players of all kinds.

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Black Jack Online for the Nostalgic Gambler

I have a soft spot for the classic casino games.  May be it’s because I grew up on old westerns and old Vegas movies, but if I’m going to gamble, it has to be poker or black jack.  I especially like black jack.  The concept is so easy, but in reality, the strategies and skills you have to employ to be successful make it a really challenging game.

Not too long ago I got a surprise to my black jack game.  You would think since I’m into all the nostalgic gambling stuff, only a real casino would give me the experience I was looking for.  But, I was surprised when I logged onto an online casino for some black jack play what a great time I had.  Online casinos have really come a long way.  They had all the blackjack tables I could hope for, a slew of different buy in amounts, and the tables had some really interesting people at them.  The graphics were also so amazing sometimes I forgot I was playing from home.  The only thing I lacked was a cocktail waitress, but, a quick call to the Mrs. for a drink took care of that.

Also, and I was surprised by this, playing black jack online has been more profitable for me.  It’s because there are casino bonuses that online casinos give you just for signing up and for playing.  It’s really great.

Playing black jack at online casinos has really proven to be a great and convenient way to indulge my favorite pastime, even for a nostalgic gambler like me.

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Top online poker satellites

For the regular citizen all roads lead to Rome, for the online Poker community all top online Poker satellites lead to the WSOP. Celebrated once a year for the past 37 years the World Series of Poker, WSOP, finds its origins in the late 40′s when a grandiose Poker marathon between Nicholas “the Greek” Dandolos and Johnny Moss lasted five months. Its organizer Benny Binion entertained the idea of reproducing the unforgettable event for no less than twenty years, finally deciding to arrange a similar occurrence in 1970. The new event brought together some of the best Poker players of the time and was baptized with its arch famous name “World Series of Poker”. The winner of such event was to carry the title of “World Champion” of Poker until the next meeting, one year after. 

Thirty-seven years later the event is as popular and important as ever and holds responsible for the existence of most of the top online Poker satellites being played in the world. With the main goal of promising a chance at the WSOP’s tables, thousands of satellites begin filling cyberspace as early as a few months before the grand event. Besides its prestige and the dreamland title it confers, the WSOP has an extraordinary money prize that has proportionally escalated with the tournament’s fame and entry numbers throughout the years. Just to give you an idea, the prize money awarded to the winner of this event in 2002 was of $19,599,230, in comparison to a “mere” $7,769,000 in 1992; so make your calculations…

If you are interested to enter any of the top online Poker satellites leading to this legendary event, you are still on time; the scheduled date for the beginning of the 38th annual WSOP is June 1st, 2007.

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Best Casino – cream of the crop

With so much competition in the online casino world and believe me it’s fierce, it would be helpful to know how to narrow down your searches for the best casino.  I would always advise that ultimately your choice comes down to individual preferences, but a best casino guide can be a very useful tool to enable you to compare and contrast online casinos and try to find the one that suits you most.

If like me, at the start of your online casino journey you were completely at a loss as to which one to choose, knowing that there is a rank of the best casino.  How a best casino is chosen is dependent upon what aspect of a particular online casino is chosen to be measured.  For example it might be the fact that a casino has exemplary customer service and rates very highly in questionnaires or feedback about it.  Others might be selected as a best casino because of the great opening deposit bonus offer, or because they consistently offer fantastic casino bonuses to keep their customers/members happy.

As I said earlier, even though you can use a best casino guide to influence your decision as to which internet casino you select to frequent, you will still have to decide which aspects of that casino are most important to you.  Make a list and if those features highlighted in a best casino list tally with your requirements, then that is all the better.

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Play free online slots and slot machines

Slots at today’s online casinos are programmed to select sets of number completely at random in order to keep them fair. Casino bonus slots are usually programmed using the C language but Java is also popular. Software providers are looking more now to make games that can be played from an online browser allowing players to play casino slots without taking the time for the free casino download, although downloadable games offer much better graphics.

Macromedia Flash software, as well as Java Applet are commonly used for the no download variety of games, but the Flash plug-in will have to be installed in order for your browser to be able to display the flash games.

Online slots are a random game the same as land-based ones, and the programming language that was used in building the game makes nod difference. Online games use random-number generators with the game software in order to keep them fair. Spinning the wheel in an online game is essentially spinning the random number generator.

Slot machine technology has changed quite a bit since they were first introduced. Although they may look the same on the face of them, they have been changed completely on the inside. Slots are now no longer controlled by purely mechanical means, but more usually by a computer chip, making them even more like the online versions of the games.

That’s why so many slots fans have decided that playing at an online casino is the best way to enjoy the game rather than travel to a local casino. is one example of a popular online slots destination, with many others attracting large crowds of enthusiastic players.

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Basic rules of Roulette before you get started

The Roulette game has two different kind of Roulette, the French and American Roulette. Both can be played in any online casino sites which includes also games such as; Blackjack, Backgammon and online poker.

The Roulette is indeed a simple game but it is not all about spinning. It about putting your bet accordingly and hoping that the ball will land on the numbers you bet.

For instance you could bet on single numbers up to 36 with a 35 to 1 payout, on a line, which bet on two numbers at once with a 17 to 1 payout, On a row, with a 11 to 1 payout, On a corner with an 8 to 1 payout, two rows with a 5 to 1 payout, 1st 12 umbers (1-12), 2nd 12 (13-24),  or 3rd 12 Numbers (numbers 25-36, with a 2 to 1 payout.

Also you could bet 1-18 or 19-36 collectively with a 1 to 1 payout, Red or Black with 1 to 1 payout and even or odds with a 1 to 1 payout.

As you can see you’ve got a lot of possibilities, so just on which numbers you wanna put your bet and may be you gonna turn to be a winner.

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Where to find the best online poker rooms

Looking around at all the online poker rooms on the internet might prove to be an overwhelming experience for those who don’t know where to start. With PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker having trouble with the authorities in the U.S., it’s even more difficult to decide where to play online. Rather than let the huge selection complicate your life, let us help you choose the online poker site that is best for you! First, you need to decide what is most important to you when it comes to playing poker online. Do you want great bonuses, exciting promotions, or a big selection of tournaments to choose from? Once you know what you want, it’s time to match your desires with what’s available.

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Poker las Vegas

Playing poker in Las Vegas or playing in a Vegas poker online?

What would you do if you had to choose between playing poker Las Vegas, meaning poker in Las Vegas to playing in a Vegas poker online site? Well, it depends about the situation. Most probably it would depend on your financial situation. If you cannot afford yourself going to Las Vegas, you would possibly play online poker. In fact, it isn’t as bad as it seems, after all there are some casino poker websites that make you feel like if you were in Las Vegas.
However, playing poker online is one thing and playing Las Vegas poker is another thing. Those who like gambling not only casino poker, it is really recommended that they go to Las Vegas. Las Vegas offers everything from Slot Machines to Poker.
In addition to that, the greatest poker tournaments are held in Las Vegas, in one of the most luxurious Hotel & Casino of the city – the “Bellagio”. But, the best thing for you to do before you ever think about participating in one of these tournaments is to practice in an online poker site. The casino Las Vegas for instance offers you two variants of poker such as; Texas Hold em and Omaha Poker besides the regular games- Roulette and Blackjack. Among others, you even the opportunity to download the game to your mobile so you don’t need to be close to your computer in order to play online poker, you can play it wherever you want and whenever you want.
Finally, all professional casino poker players started one way or another and won some titles, so why can’t you. If you believe in yourself you can make it. It all depends on you.

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Texas Holdem or Omaha

Texas Holdem or Omaha Poker? This is the question. But if to choose from the two so it would be definitely Texas Holdem and not Omaha. It is true that both poker games are the most popular one, but Texas Hold em poker is older and it is played all over the world mainly in main poker events, which is not exactly the case of Omaha Poker.
Texas Holdem among other things replaced 7 card stud in US casinos. The no limit betting form is used in the widely televised World Series of Poker and in the World Poker Tour.
Holdem’s simplicity has inspired a wide variety of strategy books with useful recommendations for proper play. In addition to that, in the first decade of the 21st century, Texas hold em experienced a surge in popularity worldwide.
Many watchers attribute this growth to the synergy of five factors: the invention of online poker games, the game’s appearance in film and on television, the 2004–05 NHL lockout, the appearance of television commercials advertising online cardrooms, and the 2003 World Series of Poker championship victory by online qualifier Chris Moneymaker. All of these come up with one reason why to learn playing Texas Holdem and not Omaha. Although you may think that Omaha is not as less important than Texas Holdem.

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Horse poker rules

H.O.R.S.E. is a form of poker commonly played at the high stakes tables of casinos. It consists of rounds of the following games:
• Texas Holdem,
• Omaha eight or better,
• Razz,
• Seven card Stud, and
• Seven card stud Eight or better.
H.O.R.S.E. is a limit game with fixed poker rules, which include among others holdem. The horse poker game is known for its tournaments that have been held at the World Series of Poker since 2004 when it was won by Scott Fischman. The 2006 World Series HORSE poker tournament had a record-setting $50,000 entry fee and was won by Chip Reese, who netted $1,716,000 for first place. More players participated over the years and every year big Prizes are won.

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